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The Featured Member for August 2014 is David Ronk


Image Copyrighted by David Ronk


What town do you live in?

Bowmansville, Lancaster County.


What is your age?



How old were you when you developed an interest in Photography?



What was your first camera?

Double lens reflex 120 roll film It was the “family camera”. Then instamatics, disc (film) and eventually Pentax 35mm in my teens in high school by this time.


Have you had any training in Photography? If so, please describe.

Only if you count seminars. Mostly coaching from my Uncle and recommended
reading on various aspects of exposure. Subscribed to Modern/Popular Photography


Do you belong to any other Photography Organizations? (PSA, PPA, NAPP, etc.)



Is photography a hobby, a serious pursuit, your profession?

Advanced amateur hobbyist.


What types of photography interest you the most? (ex: Portraits, Landscapes, Weddings, Nature, Travel, Glamour, etc. List all that apply)

Broadly defined I would consider it as Event photography. Anything from street fairs, family gatherings, sports, banquets for non-profit organizations. I have also done some charity Portrait work with “Help Portrait”. Mostly I enjoy shooting the “everyday”. Come back to the same place decade later it will not be the same place. The way you see it right now, today, is the last time you will ever see it exactly that way.


How long have you been a member of The Berks Photographic Society?

4 Years


What do you see as the biggest benefit of being a member of The Berks Photographic Society.

I enjoy seeing the creative works of others. Learning to look at things differently. I also come to post production late and am still playing catch up. I prefer Aperture and On1 editing programs. I learn by understanding the concepts. Translating it to a different program is not an issue for me as long as I understand the concept.


Do you have a website, or profile where we can see more of your work?

www.dvdronk.com http://www.dvdronk.com/. I call it “You Will Never Pass This Way Again”


Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you or your photography?

I enjoy encouraging others and encouraging them to take their talent seriously and investing themselves in understanding what makes an image a photograph instead of just a snapshot. Especially when I encounter someone with a natural instinct for composition.


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