Featured Member

The Featured Member is Cheryl Tumolo


What town do you live in?


What is your age?


How old were you when you developed an interest in Photography?


What was your first camera?

My very first camera was a Kodak 110. My first SLR camera was a Minolta X700 (film camera); my first SLR digital camera was a Nikon D70.

Have you had any training in Photography?

If so, please describe. No formal training, learned by attending workshops, seminars, NECCC Photographic Conference, and Berks Photographic Conference.

Do you belong to any other Photography Organizations? (PSA, PPA, NAPP, etc.)


Is photography a hobby, a serious pursuit, your profession?

Photography is a little more than a hobby and a little less than a serious pursuit, but not my profession.

What types of photography interest you the most?

(ex: Portraits, Landscapes, Weddings, Nature, Travel, Glamour, etc. List all that apply) Portraits, Classic Automobiles, Lighthouses, Architecture, Nature (flowers, insects, birds), Animals (domestic and wildlife), and Landscapes are among my favorite, though I like to photograph anything that interests me.

How long have you been a member of The Berks Photographic Society?

My father-in-law had been coming to Reading from Virginia for the Berks Camera Club Annual Photographic Conference for a number of years and stayed with my husband and me. While staying with us he talked about photography and I began to develop an interest. He moved to Reading in 1988 and joined the Berks Camera Club and convinced me to join to learn more. I joined in 1989.

What do you see as the biggest benefit of being a member of The Berks Photographic Society?

The biggest benefit of being a member is being able to talk to people who have a like interest. Another big benefit is to be able to learn from those members who are willing to share their knowledge of photography.

Do you have a website, or profile where we can see more of your work?


Is there anything else that you would like people to know about you or your photography?

Because I became a member of Berks Camera Club, now Berks Photographic Society, I became more involved in the activities and, shortly after I joined, I became involved with the operation of the organization by becoming its treasurer. Since 1989 I have held the positions of treasurer and secretary, and the first and last female president of Berks Camera Club, as well as the last president of Berks Camera Club. I was president from January 1, 2001 until December 31, 2005. On January 1, 2006 Berks Camera Club became Berks Photographic Society, a 501(c)(3) organization, which is the reason I was the first and last female president, and last president, of Berks Camera Club. Since 2006 when the organization became Berks Photographic Society, I served as secretary and then financial secretary, which position I hold at this point in time. Another benefit to me becoming a member was to learn how to organize special events, such as the Annual Conference and the Senior High School Student Print Competition, as well as workshops and seminars. All this in addition to the opportunity to learn how to become a better photographer because of the opportunity the organization provides to interact with people who have a like interest…photography.



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