Berks Photographic Meetup Group

Previously known as the Greater Reading Area Photography Excursions meetup group.

The Berks Photographic Meetup group is operated by the Berks Photographic Society. We offer two types of Meetups, photo walks and workshops.

The photo walks are generally casual and intended for people to meet new friends and photograph together. The organizers will generally assist with camera and photography questions to help people obtain better photos. There is usually no cost associated with the photowalks except for entrance fees at certain venues.

The workshops are for learning new techniques and generally have a modest fee associated with them. The fee depends on the costs involved in putting the meetup together. At these meetups, the instructors spend most of their time assisting the attendees, helping them to improve and learn the techniques associated with the meetup as well as answering any questions. These meetups can vary from simple camera techniques to indepth hands on workshops.

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After costs (for the venue, models, etc.), 100% of the funds go to the Berks Photographic Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The instructors and organizers are completely volunteer unless a guest instructor is brought in for a particular technique.